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Miopasso Grillo Appassimento

Miopasso Grillo Appassimento

Making a dry, white Appassimento style wine is really something quite new and different. After much careful experimentation, the local Grillo grape was chose as is perfectly suited to making Appassimento style wines.
On the nose there are notes of dried fruits and nuts, with hints of oranges and grapefruit. The palate is soft and well-rounded, with touches of honey on the long finish.The colour is straw yellow with flecks of gold.

The Grillo grapes are very carefully hand picked from vineyards around Marsala several times over, some when they have reached the peak of maturity, others after they have been left on the vines until they have lost the required amount of weight through drying.

Following a very gentle de-stemming, the wine is left to decant for about 24 hours and then fermentation takes place at about 17-18C° for about 12-15 days. The wines rests on the fine lees for about 3-4 months before bottling.


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