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Jester King Brewery Super Ultramega Hyperforce

Super Ultramega Hyperforce

We are absolutely delighted announce the arrival of Jester King, one of the legends of the US mixed fermentation scene.

Look to the skies! It's an alien, a child wonder, and a... a flying bearded cantaloupe!? Why, no - that's philanthropist playboy Slosh Rockwell! He may not be your first choice, or even your fifth, but when an intergalactic cephalopod threatens the very existence of life on earth and you really need someone (anyone, really) to join your space team and deliver a payload of cosmic crystals into its gaping orifice, then you've found the right man. Soar onward, Slosh Rockwell. The fate of humanity and the reputation of the Super Ultramega Hyperforce rests in your clammy hands.

Intergalactic Farmhouse Ale brewed with ginger, salt, & tarragon, & refermented with cantaloupe.


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