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Jean-Baptiste Joannet Creme de Cassis - 35cl

Creme de Cassis - 35cl

Blackcurrant comes from the Noir de Bourgogne variety and is grown in Arcenant by ourselves. Although only produced in small quantities, this variety of blackcurrant has an incomparable flavour.

The Crème de Cassis is often drunk when mixed with dry white wine ( such as Bourgogne Aligoté to make a 'Kir') or with sparkling wine. But it is also possible to marry it with a red wine, to make a 'Communard'.

It is also possible to use it as a dressing for ice cream and sorbets, as well as sweetening fruit salad, melon, yogurt and dessert or just simply with an ice cube. Creme de cassis is also very refreshing when just mixed with ordinary water.

Above all it must not be forgotten that Crème de Cassis is a digestive which one can drink pure at the end of a meal.

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